My YouTube Story: 10 Things I’ve Learnt in 2 Months

Full Face of First ImpressionsScreen Shot 2016-04-28 at 21.53.26Summer Primark Haul

Right, so as you may or may not be aware I have a YouTube Channel, and I have been regularly posting (3 times a week to be exact) for the las 2 months, and I thought I would share with you 10 things I’ve learnt during my first 2 months on the job (although I definitely don’t get paid for it)

  1. It’s slow, very slow. I still only have 30 subscribers, and while I am definitely going to still do it. These things take a lot of time. (PS: if any of you want to subscribe I will be eternally grateful.
  2. Videos take time, and a lot of it. It will take about 10 minutes to set up, 20 minutes to film, 10 minutes to tidy up and about an hour to edit. I mean this depends on the video, but I would say that’s my average
  3. You will learn to hate everything about yourself. When you watch yourself back talking you realise you have uneven eyebrows, or a strange tooth or basically anything. Staring at yourself for a lot time can be horrible…
  4. There’s really not as much negativity out their as you think. If you are thinking of starting, then don’t panic. Especially when you’re still small like me, people are really supportive and lovely. All my comments have been lovely!
  5. My camera cuts out after 20 minutes! This is something I still haven’t adjusted to, but I think, maybe, 4 of my videos have an awkward apology half way through because I’m missing some of it because my camera has cut out….
  6. You don’t need to buy the most expensive equipment ever! I use studio lights most of the time, but I think my best quality videos are the ones I recorded when I was at home and I could record in a conservatory and use completely natural light! So, if you are able to use that, then do!
  7. Sub for a sub. Now, this is something I try not to do, personally because I don’t want my YouTube feed filled up with people I don’t want to watch. So, I operate by this system. If they subscribe/comment, then I will head over to their channel and watch a video or two and just decide for myself if I want to subscribe, if not, I leave a comment and move on. Nothing personal, just my system.
  8. Primary Hauls are where it’s at!!! My Primark Haul is by far my most watched video, so much so that I have another one filmed and ready to go (it’ll go up on Thursday, so get ready for that!). Another one is GRWM, it’s one of my most popular videos, and the vlog with GRWM in the title is my most popular too.
  9. It’s ok to re-film. To be honest, I have done this a few times. Actually, more times than I would like. You will have to accept it’s never going to be perfect – you will be too self-critical for that. But, if you really dislike it, then refilm it. No one is going to know!
  10. It’s fun! It’s so much fun! If you have been thinking about it, but you’re not sure. Then go for it! I’d say, as long as you have the time, then you have nothing to lose!

Now I’m going to cheekily leave some of my favourite videos embedded here;

Now, I love these boxes, and so opening one of these on camera is always going to be a win for me!

HAULS HAULS HAULS. They will always be my favourite to watch and film and edit and… well spend the stuff in the first place!

I’ve wanted to film one of these for years! And I finally did! I was so happy with this video, and I think it is still my favourite video ever!


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