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If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely
– Roald Dahl

While this has become one of my favourite quotes, I feel like just having good thoughts doesn’t mean your skin is going to stay hydrated, clean and healthy. But, I like the sentiment. However, what I’m here to share with you today are my skincare saviours! Now, some of these products I use day in day out, and you have probably seen 10000 times before, however, some of these products are for those emergencies. For those days my skin is just dying slowly but surely.

Obviously water, drinking water will make a world of a difference, as will exercise and diet. But we all know that, we just chose to ignore it… but I’m going to share with you the products that I use to keep my skin in order!

Skincare Flatlay

Garnier Micellar Water

This stuff is amazing! It removes makeup fast and leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. I have been completely converted from makeup wipes – I know they’re really bad for me – and I will never ever go back. Of the Micellar water’s I’ve tried this is by far my favourite, but if you have any other suggestions, be sure to let me know!
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Urban Veda Soothing Hydrating Toner

I apply this straight after my Garnier Micellar water and it finishes the job off! It’s completely naturally formulated and it smells amazing! I feel like this really enhances my complexion and makes my skin feel and look more awake – which, trust me, is a hard thing to do!
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Boots Distilled Witch Hazel

You’re probably all wondering what this is all about, but if you read my Spot Fighting Duo blog post then you will have seen my ramble about this already! Basically Witch Hazel is a multipurpose product that solves a lot of ailments (it works really well on bites as I’ve now discovered), but when I have a breakout, I rub this over the area to disinfect it and to try and stop the spots spreading. It does work, honest. Just have to be a little careful, as it dries your skin out a little.
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Skincare SecretsSkincare

Malin and Goetz Vitamin E Face Moisturiser

Just like many of you reading this, I’d never heard of Malin and Goetz until Latest in Beauty introduced them to me a long time ago. From what I’ve tried their products are amazing (I completely love their lip balm and it’s coming in the post (again) at some point in the future)! But, if I had to chose one product, this would be the one. This face moisturiser is to die for! My skin drinks this up so quickly! I apply a very thin layer over the whole of my face, and then add a bit more round and on my nose (where I get dry skin), and in the morning my makeup applies like a dram, and if I use it in the evening, I wake up and my skin feels soft and healthy! – I’m sorry I’m fangirling over a moisturiser…
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Caudalie Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet

This has the weirdest mousse-like texture, but its a beautiful moisturiser. I use this on top of my Malin and Goetz if I’m having a really really bad skin day because it just adds a little extra moisture to my face. But another quick absorbing product that my skin loves, and very much appreciates.
Buy here – Caudalie

Liz Earle Superbalm

This isn’t a product that gets used often, but it’s one that I’m always grateful to have. When my skin gets do dry it begins to get chapped and flake – I know it’s disgusting but unfortunately it’s what I have to deal with – I reach for this product immediately. I bought it about 6 months ago when the skin around my eye was flaking and I wanted something natural and sensitive for such a delicate area. I went to Boots and one of the people there recommended I try this, and I am so grateful I did. For any of you who like vaseline, it’s fairly similar to that, just more natural, better for sensitive skin and it lasts a lot longer. If you have severely troubled skin like mine, apply this at night and your skin will instantly feel soothed.
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Skincare Secrets Urban

Maybelline Baby Lips

Probably one of the most basic products here, but there’s a reason why Maybelline have like 300 (thats an exaggeration) different colours of their lip balms. It’s creamy, it’s moisturising, it makes my lips feel soft, and it stops my lips from drying out when applied with very drying matte lipsticks. What more could you want?
Buy here – Boots

Caudalie Antiwrinkle Lip and Eye Cream

Well obviously from the name of this you can use this as a lip balm, but I found it a little odd putting a cream product on my lips, so I don’t use this for that, I use it as an eye cream and I love it! I’m very fickle with eye creams, I very rarely find one I actually like, but this eye cream is beautiful. It’s not so watery that it just feels wet on your face, but it’s not so thick that it feels really heavy, it’s just right – I feel like I’m rewriting Goldilocks and The Three Bears…. However, this product is amazing and it’s changed my perception of eye creams. They do have a purpose!
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Anne Semonin Eye Express Radiance Ice Cube

Ever woken up after having the worst night’s sleep ever, looked at your face, realised you look terrible, and then realised you have an important meeting/interview/something you need to look presentable for?? Yeah, I have. Now, this is when I use one of these. You store it in the freezer, and then when you need it you get it out, wrap it in a cloth, and then dab it over your eyelid, and down your face towards your nose on both sides of your face. It makes you feel awake, it brightens your complexion and it feels amazing to have something cool on your eyebags in the morning. Now these things are quite expensive, so I only use them when I need them, but they really do come in handy!
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Skincare Secrets AnneSkincare Malin and Goetz

Sanctuary Spa Cleanse Warming Detox Charcoal Wash

Ok this stuff goes through every transformation possible. It starts as a gel, turns into an oil and then a foam. However, it cleans my face, and it cleans it well! When your skin is clogged up with oil this product is amazing! It removes absolutely everything! Yes, you need to come out the shower and do some serious moisturising, but nothing beats how clean this makes your skin feel!
Buy here – Sanctuary Spa

Good Things Manuka Honey Radiance Face Mask

Ahh face masks! This is essentially a clay mask – which are usually very drying – but when added into the mix is honey, and a few other natural ingredients, what not only make it smell nice, but means that your skin doesn’t actually dry out! Magic! It leaves my skin feeling super clean, and soft and fresh without feeling too tight. Completely love this product.
Buy here – Boots

Aurelia Probiotic Refine and Polish Miracle Balm

Despite the name, this is an enzyme mask. It applies like a balm, you leave it on your face, then mix it with water and it becomes a gently foaming milk. But for those time when I’m having a serious break out, this really helps control everything! A complete saviour of a product that I love to have a little sample with me at all times!
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I hope you enjoyed reading my skin secrets. Let me know in the comments what products you couldn’t live without!


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