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Marshmellow Boo

Marshmellow Boomf

So Kevin ordered me a little treat, and I thought it was a really cool and unique gift, so I thought I would share it with you!

First thing to say is that I am not sponsored in any way to talk about this, I just received a nice gift and thought I would share it with you!

Marshmellow Gifts

So, the brand it called Boomf, and they print your photos onto flavoured marshmallows as well as a few other goods. The service costs £15, and you get 9 of your photos printed onto vanilla or strawberry flavoured marshmallow. They have free worldwide delivery and it only took 2 days from purchase to delivery?!?! Which, I’m sorry, that’s insane.

Marshmellow Faces

‘STRAWBERRY!!!!’ That’s all Kevin had to say about the flavour! But, to be fair, he has a point! If you order the strawberry flavoured marshmallows they will taste of strawberry. And I don’t mean the artificial, sweet strawberry flavour that tastes nothing like strawberries. They have that bittersweet taste of a real strawberry!

Marshmellow Print Faces

I guess the only real downside is they’re really not healthy! It’s 7% of your daily carb (sugar) intake per marshmallow! But, then again, they do taste delicious, so….


The gift wrapping was a little expensive considering you still get your marshmallows in a funky box anyway, but, as per always with these things, it’s up to you!

I just thought I would share with you something I little different as a present idea!


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