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Blogging Post Schedule

After having just finished the entire 30 days of the 30 day blog post challenge, I’m now on a blog post overload! Also, I have just started my YouTube channel and I am highly enjoying it and currently have more YouTube videos that I can keep up with (mostly hauls… I can’t stop spending money, seriously, it’s an issue).

But I have to admit I really do miss the structured nature of blog post every day 12noon almost without fail – I have to admit I was late some days. And so I’m bringing it back, but in a more manageable form, mixed in with my YouTube as well. So I present to you my Blogging Timetable!

So, this is the idea;

Blog posts on Monday, Friday and Sunday. I feel like 3 blog posts a week is very reasonable and completely within my time restrictions. I’m going to schedule them to go up at 4pm every time, because I found that noon didn’t give me a lot of time on the day itself just in case I haven’t written anything in advance. Going to continue with the content I’ve been writing, and I have loads of ideas and updates on products and things I’ve tried and learnt!

And then good ol’ YouTube, won’t talk about it much, as this is my blog. But I’m going to continue with the Weekly Vlogs, which go up everyday Tuesday – I’m currently on #5! But if you don’t watch them, I basically discuss with you what I’ve been up to, take you around with me, and often give you little insights and sneak peaks into ‘behind the scenes’! And then ‘standard’ YouTube videos on Thursday and Sunday; look forward to ‘My Boyfriend Does My Makeup’, ‘Spring Makeup Routine’ and too many hauls to admit!

So, I hope this works for you as well as I hope it’s going to work for me! If I miss a day in the next 5 weeks, please forgive and forget, but I am heading into the dreaded exams and essay deadline period of my degree.. and while I like to think I’m good at keeping up to day with things, things often catch up with me a little too fast!

Happy blogging,


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