30 Day Blog Post Challenge | Review the last 30 days

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So, at the beginning of the month you may remember, or not, be announcing that I was doing the 30 day blog post challenge, but I was doing my own – because I am in no way mainstream. So, for your reminder, I shall leave a link to the Blog Post here!

First thing to say is that I had so much fun writing these posts and they now have their own little tab at the top of my blog! But incase you want quick and easy links to them, or you want to be re-reminded of what it is I got up to this month, here are the links to all of the posts for this blog post challenge.

Day 1: 200 Beauty/Lifestyle/Food Blog Post Ideas
Day 2: Shop My Stash
Day 3: Tips for Saving Money at University
Day 4: My Perfect Mac Palette
Day 5: How to Start a Blog in 7 Days
Day 6: My Day in Photos
Day 7: Nail Polish Pick for the Season
Day 8: My Last Minute Easter Gift Guide
Day 9: White Chocolate Cupcake Recipe
Day 10: Fashion Edit | Topshop Wishlist
Day 11: Tips for Getting Fit
Day 12: Magazine Guide
Day 13: Products Empties
Day 14: Beauty Wishlist
Day 15: My Diary Set Up
Day 16: Revision Tips
Day 17: Favourite Hair Tutorials
Day 18: My First Time Tag
Day 19: Beauty Box Service Review
Day 20: Favourite Bloggers
Day 21: Nudes Edit
Day 22: Realistic Morning Routine
Day 23: My Evening Beauty Routine
Day 24: How Much if Your Face Worth
Day 25: Where Do You Find Blog Post Inspiration
Day 26: Top 5 Products Under £5
Day 27: Review Something New
Day 28: Favourite Mascaras
Day 29: Photography Tips
Day 30: This Post 😉

So I had to change a few blog posts from the original plan (e.g.Day 12 was originally a one sentence story with friend. Kevin and I wrote one, and it was really just not interesting, so I decided to replace it with my Magazine Guide, because I thought this would be more interesting for you). However essentially I found it really helpful to have a specific blog post schedule for the month, and so this is something I really hope to keep up with – just not a blog post for every day!

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Stats at the beginning and end of the month

(bare in mind this I only transferred to WordPress two months ago – and I’m not including my blogger views)

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So, considering in the first 30 days of being on WordPress I had 574 views, and then in the second 30 days I had nearly 1000! I think that’s awesome! In terms of WordPress Followers I’ve gone from 12 to 33?!?! I am literally so happy!

Achievements in the last 30 days!

As well as the obvious – which you can see above – I have also launched a Facebook Page, a YouTube Channel (update coming soon), updated things like my ‘About’ pages to include T&Cs and a Disclaimer section! So, been a busy month and I am super proud of what I’ve achieved this month.

Keep posted, there’s a cheeky giveaway coming! 😀


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  1. Your achievements are amazing! I am definitely tempted to try out this challenge – maybe during my next big uni break. It’s nice to see that the time and effort you put in pays off though 🙂
    Kathy x

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