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So, I’m one for organising. It’s definitely one of my favourite things to do. And I am not shy about my notebook obsession. And I thought I would share with you how I sort out my life – as in my Diary Setup. Because after a recent purchase (the Daily Journal), I now have the perfect Diary Setup that completely works for me!


In essence it comprises of three parts;
1. Organised Mum Life Book – here is the one for this year
2. Urban Outfitters Daily Journal – here
3. My Notebook


So this is my diary, and I have to say I love it! It comes with weekly planners, monthly planners and pages for Christmas lists, Birthdays and general notes. It comes with the stickers you can see in the background. And then I bought the sticky notes from a local shop. It starts in mid-August and goes onto the following year, so it’s a little peculiar in that respect, but I am still at University, and so I need term time organisers, and so I will only be using it August till August.


I have a neat little system;

  1. When things aren’t confirmed for a specific day, but will probably happen, I put them on a sticky note.
  2. When it’s confirmed I write it in, then if a sticker matches, I stick a sticker by it.
  3. Blog posts get written in in purple, and I plan them at the beginning of every week/month – depending how organised I am.


I don’t tend to use these much any more, so here is my one from August (when I was still at McDonalds). But it comes with monthly planner pages, which are pretty cool.


If you’re into that, then it has a space to organise your finances.


Now this is my new found obsession, I can organise each day here, as and when I need to. Having a to-do-list really focuses my work, and I really appreciate it! Plus, I love me some lists!


I love how it focuses your work!


And then this is my beloved note book. This is what I actually carry round with me. I write blog posts down in here, thoughts, plans, goals, essay plans – literally anything and everything that comes to mind while I’m out and about. I can’t remember the last time I left the house without one! This is my fourth notebook I’ve used for this purpose, and I am never going back.


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