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Topshop is one of those hit and miss brands, but I find you can sometimes get some great pieces from there! With the beginning of Spring not being long ago I thought I’d share with you some of the pieces on my wishlist from Topshop currently.

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The first thing that caught my eye was the Ticking Stripe Shirt Dress, I’ve always really wanted a nice shirt dress, but finding one that looks nice, and is still within my budget, has always been a struggle. However, this one is £42, so not too bad, and I think it would actually look really nice with the belt in the picture and some tan coloured sandals in the summer!

Speaking of summer, I decided to pick up two pairs of shorts – I know, feeling a little hopeful for the British Summer, but they caught my eye. The first pair was the Tailored Paperboy Shorts, this is a trend you can find everywhere at the moment, and one I actually really like. I feel like this is a nice subtle way to get on top of the trend, and I feel like this pair are actually really classy, and with a £35 price tag, their not bad. The next pair are a pair of shorts I wouldn’t usually gravitate towards, but I thought would look great if I were to go to the beach. These are the Broidery Flippy Shorts, and it was the striking red that caught my eye at first! I just think they’re really cute. And these were £28.

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I would say this is a little bold for me, but I thought it was adorable, and although I don’t think I would be confident enough to wear it, I wanted it to be here because I love it. It is the MOTO Bow Playsuit. It’s a nice take on the classic denim dungarees, and I think it’s adorable. And at £39 I think this is amazing! I’m just not sure I’m quite ready to show off my tummy.

These next two items are very me, and go in with my new found obsession for the colour green. The Boxy Cropped Jumper, in a gorgeous moss green, is on sale at £22, and if there was one in my size I would’ve bought it. I think it’s beautiful, and I’m actually quite liking the cropped jumper and high waisted jeans look! Now, this shirt – the Cactus Print Long Sleeve Shirt – is right up my street. It’s b-e-a-utiful! It’s £30, which for a shirt is alright! And I think I am in love!

Feeling a little formal including a suit, but it caught my eye. Together the Luxe Suit Jacket and the Luxe Suit Trousers come in at £100, which is a lot, but it is a suit. I don’t know why I included this – as I rarely wear suits – but I guess it’s that whole, I only have a year left of University, and then I have to go out into the world of (hopefully) graduate jobs, where I might have to wear a suit.

The last two things are makeup. Tiptop has quite a successful makeup line, with some great pieces in. And I have picked out two from their line that I have my eye one. The Lips in Devotion lipstick looks gorgeous, very me. It has creamy finish and it’s that everyday colour that I wear… well, everyday. Topshop lipsticks are all £8, and so good value for money. The other product is a new one to their range, it is one of their everything sticks, and this is in the shade Tenacious, a coral colour – perfect for summer. They claim to be perfect for lips, eyes and cheeks, which for £10 (if they work) could be a lifesaver when it comes to travelling or those on a tight budget.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I have on my wishlist from Topshop currently. If there’s anything you’re loving right now, or any other shop you’d love me to create a wishlist for, leave me a comment down below – I love to read them.


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