30 Day Blog Post Challenge


As a University student I get the benefits of wonderfully long holidays! And as I try to keep up with University work during term time, I have plenty of free time, and so I thought I’d devote this time to my blog.

I conveniently have exactly 30 days off (wohoo!), and so that’s the reason why this isn’t a calendar month – and I’m sorry it this bothers or offends you..

I first googled (as everyone does) ’30 Day Blog Post Challenge’ and couldn’t find one I really wanted to do (and this blog is my hobby, and so I wanted to enjoy what I was doing). My dad always says to me ‘If you what you want to do doesn’t exist, invent it!’. So here you go;

I present to you the katieemmabeauty 30 Day Blog Post Challenge. I will be starting on the 19th March (this Saturday), and finishing on the 17th April, and posts will go up at 12 noon (British Time)

30 Day Beauty Blog Post Challenge

I look forward to this!

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5 thoughts on “30 Day Blog Post Challenge

  1. Good luck with this! I recently started university 3 weeks ago and before then I had all the time in the world for blogging and right now I’m currently feeling very overwhelmed with keeping up with my blog and uni work 🙂 I will definitely try this out during my break though and I look forward to reading yours 🙂

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