Blogger vs WordPress

Blogger vs WordPress

The controversial debate that every blogger is faced with when starting their blog; Blogger or WordPress? As someone who has now had experience with both platforms I feel like it’s now time to share my experience with you.

Just a disclaimer, I am not saying one is terrible and one is perfect, they both have their advantages and disadvantages. These are just my opinions.

So I thought I’d show you a brief overview in this funky image I created on Picmonkey (if you haven’t used this site yet, you should!)

Wordpress vs Blogger

Blogger (Summary)

All you need to have is a Google account. Your URL is but you can transfer your own domain name

It’s got all the basics covered, it’s very simple and easy to use. Template Designer makes it easy to change background, column width, font and colours. There are a decent number of simple gadgets that you can use to improve your sidebar and footer Integration with Google Adsense account go add ads and start making money is really easy to set up.

Limited choice of design templates means it is hard to make your site look unique. And there are no plugins available to add additional elements to your blog (such as a shop). Might not be a viable option in terms of sustainability. It doesn’t get much attention from Google currently and everyone has seen the fate of Google Reader and some other Google products You don’t own your site, Google owns it. In case there are issues like someone reporting that you use copyrighted material like pics or videos, Blogger may shut down your site. Same can happen if the algorithm thinks your content is spam. Most sites won’t be affected by this but it is important to be aware that you do not have the full ownership of the site before making your decision on what platform to use.

Blogger is a nice place to start your blogging adventure and see what blogging is all about, but it is limited, outdated and not very future proof.

WordPress (Summary)

WordPress is a flexible solution with many different design and functionality options, room to grow and expand your site. It is also the platform to go for if you want freedom in terms of control, flexibility and ownership. What’s great about WordPress is that it’s an open-sourced software with a large and vibrant community of developers and designers. You can literally find templates (or someone to design one) from everywhere and anywhere. However, it already comes with a wide range of design templates to help you create a pretty and unique looking presence. There’s a plugin for anything you want to do that allows you to make changes and add features without needing any coding skills

However, because you own everything, you are in charge of your content, your security and backups – you have no ‘google safety net’. Wordpress is also not currently compatible with the Bloglovin’ widget, which is rather frustrating.

My Final Decision

Blogger is simpler to use, I find everything is very user friendly, it’s a great way to learn what blogging is all about, and decide whether it’s for you. However, it is best to make the correct decision in the beginning and not have to make some big changes to your site a year, or less, in. When I made big changes to my site (moving from Blogger to WordPress) after it had been established, I noticed a drop in traffic for quite a while. For this reason, I feel like making the correct decision at the start is important.

Having the complete control, ownership and freedom over your site is why I pick WordPress as my preferred content platform. While Blogger is nice and easy to use, it just doesn’t cut it in terms of flexibility and customisation.  Also, the plug ins available on WordPress mean that you can add features such as ‘Shop’ to your blog in the future! So, I feel like it’s a real investment into the future.

And I mean come on, faces speak for themselves; WordPress actually powers 25% of all websites online while Blogger powers 1.2%! Now, that’s crazy?!

I hope you found this helpful, leave comments below if you have any opinions or whether you agree/disagree


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  1. I really love wordpress and highly recommend it! You can initially go on with which is what I did, that is the supported wordpress so you get heaps of benefits whilst getting use to the platform, then I went self hosted a year later. But I do agree blogger sounds like a really useful starter platform!

    Jasmin Charlotte

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