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Last time I went into Boots they gave me a load of free samples, and I thought it would be a fun little post to give them a run. So, I carried this scents round with me for 2 days each and I thought I’d give you my running impressions of them.

Just a side note, describing scents is hard. Also, I tend to head towards sweeter and fruitier scents, which also skews my opinion. So, what works for me might not work for you, and vice versa.


Chloe Love Story

On first impressions this had to be my favourite. Even the sample packaging was gorgeous, which I know is odd. But the actual full size bottle looks chic and feminine and really pretty. And I’m a sucker for adorable perfume bottles to leave out on display. I feel like it’s really simple and elegant.

The top note of the fragrance is Orange Blossom, and so it smells really sweet, but with a fresh undertone. It has Stephanotis Jasmine within the scent (which is apparently the flower of happiness), but it’s not overly floral and I think it complements the Orange Blossom to create quite a fresh, but somehow sexy fragrance. This is by far my favourite perfume of the three. I felt like it was an ideal scent for every day, and I think I may have to go pick up the full size bottle!

It’s not the most long lasting scent, but this is the cheapest of the three perfumes, and I think it would make the nicest summer scent. I just love this scent.



Valentino Donna Eau De

The full size bottle for this is the most expensive of the 3, starting from £49! And so, I took this into consideration when talking about this.

This is one of those classical floral scent. Which although is lovely, is not entirely for me as I tend to head more towards the sweeter scents.

This is what it says on Boots;

‘Luminous and sensual, the fragrance revolves around a contrast of noble, subtle ingredients. Rose essence, generously blended with notes of bergamot and iris Pallida, illuminates the fragrance with refined radiance and an impalpable texture. Warm, intense notes of leather blended with patchouli and vanilla express an exquisite, inescapable carnality.’

And, although they’ve possibly over complicated the language (in my opinion), I think it sums the fragrance up well. It’s a very classic and timeless scent, but unfortunately just not for me.

However, I did think that the bottle was really different, and they’ve continued the elegant theme through their bottle.



Viktor & Rolf Flower Bomb

I feel really bad for the review I’m about to give this perfume. Because, for some people this fragrance is probably love it, and the scent lasts a long time.

This fragrance, as the name suggests, is heavily florally scented. It has an element of spice to it as well. I feel like it’s a really ‘grown up’ scent. And although the packaging is nice, I’m favoured towards the other two.


So at the end of the week, I have to say Chloe’s perfume Love Story is significantly my favourite, and this is the one I’m hoping to be able to get my hand of in the future!


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