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I’ve seen thiese posts all over the internet, and after just coming back from our short break to Belfast, Kevin and I are already looking forward to our next holiday. Budget being a huge thing in our decision currently (as we are both students), some of these destinations wont be able to be achieved for a while yet. But that’s something I’ve just got to live with. But there are still some lovely places on this list we ca


Most of these aren’t in the UK. I was lucky to go on family holidays every year, however most of them were in the UK, which is still a beautiful country, but it means I haven’t been to many places outside this country.
1. Italy – this has been at the top of my list for as long as I can remember. I am in envy of my father and brother, who have both been on their own separate occasions. But Italy is beautiful. It’s full of music, scenery, culture and ice cream! I literally can’t think of anything better. Unfortunately it’s a very expensive holiday destination, and so I am yet to be able to afford it… but it’s a dream that I will definitely fulfill when I can.
2. Canada – somewhere else my dad has been where I haven’t (although he was there on business… so…). I’ve always wanted to get more into landscape photography, and there aren’t many countries (in my opinion) more beautiful than Canada. And to be honest, I’ve never been one to obsess over USA – I mean I’d love to go shopping there… I think I’d go completely nuts… whoops – but I think Canada is above that on the list… sorry.
3. Bournemouth – you’re probably all thinking ‘ermm why’. But I live in Southampton now, and it’s a seaside resort I’ve never been to that’s really close. And I’ve heard its really nice, so I put this down as a really achievable place to go to make me feel better… haha
4. Spain – my first holiday abroad will probably end up being here. And although it’s more the weather and cheap hotels I’m going for, Spain is still a lovely country.
5. China – This is more of a cultural thing. I’ve been to Africa, and now I want to experience Asia. I just want to see and immerse myself in all their culture. However, this would be more expensive than I could possible comprehend right now. But it’s still one of those places on the top of my list.





1. Pembrokeshire – for those of you who don’t know. This is a county in Wales. And I think it’s truly beautiful. Full of sandy bay and beautiful headlands, with rolling hills. It’s full of quirky little art galleries (which I love), and the walk along the coastline (which stretches the entire county) is also incredible. I really wish I could go back. I just don’t feel like I’m a confident enough driver to go there on my own and drive down their roads.. but we’ll see, maybe in a few years.

2. Southwold – this place is a family tradition. Look back at our family photo albums and if there is sand in the picture, this is where it is. We used to go AT LEAST once a year for the weekend. And we would stay in the Randolf Hotel in Reydon (just outside, like less than a mile away). This place is nothing special to most, but I’ve stayed in most the holiday cottages there (whoops) and my grandparents used to know most of the staff in the Randolf by name… so yeah, my family are obsessed.

3. Lake District – just another truly beautiful part of our country. And I want to go back. Not more to say really…. haha

4. Madeira – I went here on a family holiday a few years back for a week. And to be honest, I don’t feel like that was anything near enough to see what this beautiful country has to offer. Plus, I’d love to go back with my camera and snap a ridiculous number of photos!

5.Blackpool – this is another weird one. Basically, I went with my family when I was around 14-5, and we went to Blackpool Pleasure Beach… but none of my family (other than me) like roller coasters So, in short, I want to back, with someone that does, and go on them all..

I hope you enjoyed reading all the weird and wonderful places I wish I could visit, and I would if I could afford it (which, unfortunately, I cannot).

Where in the world do you want to visit/revisit?


7 thoughts on “Places I Wanna Visit/Revist

  1. Hey Katie,
    I travel every few months and I have seen some amazing places. I have been to Spain, more specifically Barcelona and I have been to Italy a couple of times (Rome & Venice). I will actually be going to Florence this March with my sister for her birthday so I am looking forward to that.

    This Sat I am headed to Miami (in the U.S Miami is my home away from home) and at the end of March I will be headed to a ski resort in Quebec.

    Some of my favorite places include the South of France (Nice, Monte Carlo, Saint Tropez), Italy & the Italian Riviera (as mentioned), Paris, Exuma Islands Bahamas, Dubai, St Maarten, Saint Lucia, Jamaica, Dubrovnik Croatia, Turkey, Germany, Hawaii, Montenegro, Half Moon Cay Bahamas and a bunch of other places in the Caribbean. I actually post about my travels on my blog and have links on my travel page 🙂

    If you ever come to Toronto send me a message on social media and I can recommend some places to check out 🙂

    1. Woah that’s a lot of places! And it all sounds really cool. I’ve been wanting to go to Italy for as long as I can remember, but it’s so expensive. 🙁

      I tend to stick to the UK, being a University student and all.

      Thanks for reading

  2. You should definitely visit Canada if you get the chance! I was living in England last year and fell in love with it, but I have to say I did miss Canada, it is a beautiful country. (At least it is where I live. haha) I would looove to go back to the UK this year though. I did get a chance to go to Bournemouth and it is so pretty by the sea! I just love to travel, and it’s cool to see other people who feel the same! 🙂

    1. I really should go to Bournemouth… it’s only 20 mins away on the train… haha!

      Canada really does look beautiful in the pictures I’ve seen. I would love to go, but the plane is soo expensive 🙁

      Thanks for reading 🙂

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