10 Things I Do On My Day Off


Today is my day off (yes, I know a Monday!). I’m currently at university, and so taking some time off to myself, and spending the day just chilling is always needed! So, I thought I’d let you know what I get up to on my day off

1. Having a Pamper Session – I feel like it’s important, when you get time to yourself to really relax. So, I take a nice long shower, paint my nails, put on a face mask, just generally look after myself. And doing this once a week really helps my unwind before I start my University week.

2. Going for a Walk – I love going for a walk. Unfortunately at University it’s not quite the same, being in a city and not having my dog. But I still find it really relaxing. Plus, I’m one of those people who get’s a headache if I’m inside all day.. so…
3. Reading – whether it be a blog or a book, I find reading really relaxing. I love learning things, or escaping into another world. At the moment, I’ve just started the Southern Vampier Mysteries/True Blood Novels/The Sookie Steakhouse Novels (gees that’s a lot of names!) and I’m loving them!
4. Music – That isn’t degree related. You have no idea how nice it is sometimes to listen to music of your choosing (if you didn’t know I take a music degree, and although I love all music, it’s still nice to have your own). So I stick my headphones on, play my favourite tunes and usually end up half skipping round the house singing at the top of my lungs (whoops!).
5. Catch up on YouTube Videos – When I have Monday’s off, this is what I spend a lot of time doing. Everyone’s uploaded their videos Sunday evening, and so I have a lot of material to catch up on. I love watching these to find new tips, tricks or things to try out/buy!
6. Sorting Stuff Out – I love to organise stuff! I know to most people this doesn’t sound like something fun to do on their day off. But I love to tidy something up or move stuff around. I know, I’m sad.. I’m currently reorganising the posters/photos on my wall.
7. Take Photos – whether it be for this blog, or just for my own personal benefit, I love to take photos. I love my camera, and after all the money I spent on it, I feel like it gives me good reason to.
8. Online Shopping – I know, I’m a student, I really can’t afford it. I really don’t know why I do it. But it’s always something I end up doing on my day off. I think my favourite websites are New Look, Feel Unique and Cult Beauty.
9. Plan Next Week – Ok. I love to organise. I’m sad. I get it… but it’s something I have to do at the beginning of every week, so I know where I need to be, and what I need to do. Without doing this I’d probably forget to screw my head on in the morning… I’m over exaggerating, but it’s still something I need to keep up to date with

10. Boyfriend – My boyfriend is luckily at the same University as me. And we love to spend time doing anything from watching films, to playing PS3 games, to literally just lying there talking rubbish.


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