Milton Keynes Haul

I popped into Milton Keynes for the day with my best friend to do some shopping, partly to pick up some new clothes for the new University year, and partly because… we just both love to shop!
But here’s all the things I managed to pick up in the day, and I love every item and really happy with the bargains I managed to pick up.
No.7 Stay Perfect Lipstick in Hot Copper 655 – Free
— This is the lipstick I picked up with my free No.7 lipstick voucher, and I’m exited to see what it’s like… I picked a coppery, more autumnal colour, as that’s the season we’re going into.
No. 7 Rapid Spot Rescue – £9.95, but I paid £4.95
— Using my £5 off voucher, I bought this to help clear up spots on my skin, simple as.
Cardigan – £24.99
— I’ve been looking for an oversized, knitted cardigan in this sort of colour for the longest time, and have never found one I loved. But this one, this one is amazing, it’s super warm and comfy and I love it!
Black High Waisted Jeans – £22.99
— I love New Look jeans, they’re really comfy, and fit really well. My old black jeans are now so old they’re more grey than black, so I thought it was time to pick up some more. Plus, high waisted jeans are my fav!
Daisy Necklace – £5.99
— I saw this in New Look at the beginning of summer of a mannequin, but then couldn’t find one in store to buy, and I’ve been looking to find one like it for ages, and then I found it, again, in New Look, but this time they were in stock! I just love the coppery colour of this!
Blue Gem Necklace – £5.99
— This is a really nice, gentle statement necklace, and I love it.
Black and White Blouse – £14.99
— I’ve got really into blouses recently, and I just thought it was really timeless.
White Blouse – £14.99
— Now this is just so pretty, and it’s that classic white blouse, which you can never have enough of.
Simple Grey Top – £3.99
— I’ve grown out of my old one, and so I bought another one. I love to use tops like this round the house, or to layer up over Winter.
Cake Plate – £4
— I couldn’t believe how cheap this was, and thought it would be great to show off my favourite jewellery pieces.
4 Scented Candles – £2
— I just love candles….
Double Duvet Set – £16.00
— I absolutely love this design, and I’m back off to uni soon, and so I needed a new bedsheet for uni…
White Fitted Sheet – £4.90
— Very boring, but essential
Cat Glass – £2
— Me and my best friend saw these.. and just couldn’t leave them behind. They are adorable.
Scented Candle – £2
— More Candles..
Heart Shaped Candle – £1
— And another one..
Light Pink Top – £10 (in Sale)
— I really like this colour, and I love collars, so its a win win! Plus, it was in the Sale, and I still get 10% student discount ontop, so I only paid £9 for this. Bargain!


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