River Island August Fashion Edit


In England it’s been getting colder, and it’s already August, and so I feel like it’s that change over time between Summer and Autumn and it’s nearly time to stock up on some warmer, cosier clothing.
So, here are a few of my favs from their ‘Just Arrived’ section of their website, and I thought I’d share with you some of the stuff I’m considering getting to give you some inspiration for the upcoming colder months and also the end of summer (NOOO!!)
Black Cleated Sole Sling Back Sandals £35 – This are BEAUTIFUL, and confession time, I went into River Island yesterday and picked these up….
Black Bow Front Ballet Shoes £30 – These look so pretty and dainty, cute!
Dark Brown Floppy Hat £25 – I’ve only started wearing hats, but they’re all summery and sorta practical (keep sun off face), and this one is more suitable for winter
Cream Check Long Sleeve Shirt £26 – I’ve been looking for a checkered shirt for ages, and can never find one I love! So, this looks perfect!
Black Love Intarsia Jumper £30 – I love jumpers and this is super cute, so easy to wear, and really cosy
Mid Wash Ripped Daisy Slim Jeans £42 – I really want some stressed jeans, and I love these, they’re just quite expensive, and so I can’t decide to know what to do.

Gold Tone Triangle Layer Necklace £16 – Love Love Love. Nice balance between being a statement necklace and dainty at the same time!

Hope that gave you some idea of what I was loving while I was browsing, as I do, through the website.


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