Huge Boots Haul




Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Conditioner £4 (£6.29) – The summer has damaged by hair, it’s feeling brittle, and just not it’s usual self, and so I decided I wanted to pick up a Conditioner mask for my hair to see if it could help. I’ve never used anything like this before, and this was on special offer in Boots, and as I’ve never used one before, I thought I’d just pick up a slightly more affordable one to start off with

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick, 101 £5.49 – I am IN LOVE with these lipsticks.. and so bought a new one. Love the formula, packaging, colours, pigmentation, everything. This is just another nude-pink colour.. again.. I know.. HELP

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick, 43 £5.49 – This is one of the new Kate Moss lipsticks (the nude collection), and so I had to pick one up. This is sort of a Kylie Jenner inspired lipstick, and is a browny-nude.

Exaggerate Full Lip Liner, Red Diva, 024 £3.99 – I’ve been getting into lipliners recently, and have been using my No.7 one a lot recently, and so picked up two from Rimmel. I love these because the pencil swivels up from the ‘pen’ rather than being a pencil that you have to sharpen.. which means I have to find a sharpener, which is not going to happen, ever. This is just a simple red, to go along with my red lipsticks.

Exaggerate Full Lip Liner, Eastend Snob, 063 £3.99 – This the second one I picked up, in a pinky colour, because these are the colour lipsticks I wear most often, so I really wanted one.

Rimmel BB Cream, Light, £6.99 – I’ve been using the Collection BB Cream, and I’m coming to the end of it, so I thought I’d try a new one, not sure what else to say about this at the moment..

Soap And Glory Supercat Carbon Black Eyeliner £6 – people have been raving about this for ages, and I don’t own a Soap and Glory item yet (WHAT?!?!?!), so it was 3 for 2, so I thought I’d try some of the items out. I love eye liners that come in felt tips, as they are so easy to apply.

Soap And Glory Pillowtalk Plump Lipgloss, Cherry Up, £6 – I’ve never owned a plump lipgloss, I don’t really know a lot about them, but this was my ‘free’ product, and so I thought I would give one I try. I got it in a bright red colour, because I thought it was beautiful, and a red lip with a ‘plump’ to it would be a classic look

Soap And Glorry Archery Brown Tint And Precision Shaping Pencil £10 – I saw Zoe over a year ago going on about this, and since then everyone’s been going on about it, but I’ve never been into doing my eyebrows, so I didn’t want to pay the £10 for it. But I’ve been getting more and more into my makeup, and so I thought I’d give it a go, I just got it in the colour Brunette.. because I have brunette hair… logical huh? I’m exited to give this a go, and see what the hype is all about. I love that it comes with both a soft pencil and a felt tip.

Borjois Colour Band Eyeshadow, Rose Fauviste 04 £5.99 – I’ve been loving the Maybelline Colour Tattoos, and when I saw this in Boots, and swatched it on the back of my hand, it feels similar on the eye, and I absolutely loved this shimmery pink shade, and so I picked it up.. why not?

Borjois Colour Boost Lipstick, Red Island 05 £7.99 – I love lipstick, you can probably tell, and so I thought I’d try out one of their pencil lipsticks, because I find these really easy to apply, but I don’t own many, and I absolutely loved this colour.

Borjois Nail Polish Remover £4.99 – It claims to remove Nail Polish in a second, a second! If this works, it will be a life saver, I love applying nail polish, until it chips, and I have to spend ages removing it, so it this works, it will be amazing!

Barry M Quick Drying Nail Polish, Full Throttle 511 £3.99 – I just love all Barry M Nail Polishes, so much. And this is just the most beautiful pastel shade for the summer, and will look gorgeous with this slight tan I have, and so I picked it up, I’m obsessed, I need someone to help keep me away from the Barry M counter, please.

Barry M Brow Kit £5.99 – I don’t actually own any Barry M Makeup, that isn’t nail polish, and I love the fact that this comes with a wax, a powder, and a highlighter as well as tweasers, and so it a great little compact ‘everything you need’ palette.

Collection Speedy Blush, Tickled Pink 01 £3.99 – I tried to pick this up in Boots a while ago, but they only had a tester left, and I really wanted this shade. I’ve been loving more creamy blushers for summer, and so I really wanted to pick this up, as, as it says, it’s ‘speedy’, as you can apply it straight to you face, how perfect is that?!

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