Collective Highstreet/Drugstore Makeup Haul




The first place I went was Superdrug, where I did a bit of damage (to my bank account, not the store, I’m not a vandal…) I love the Superdrug in my home town, because it has stands for so many brands of Makeup that Boots doesn’t. So here’s what I bought;
There was two Barry M Nail Polishes for £6, so obviously I picked up two. I absolutely love Barry M Nails, and am trying to collect the whole Gelly Collection. So I picked up the two shades Rose Hip (a very pale pink), and Satsuma (a pretty orange shade). These are such summery shades, and I absolutely love them!
I know I’m very late to this trend, but I picked up the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair, I’ve been wanting this for ages, but every time I go in Boots, there’s never one left in my shade, even the tester is missing! It’s now reduced to £2.99, so a complete bargain!
I’ve recently bought another MUA Lipstick, and really licked it, so thought I would pick up another, this time in a shade that I have never worn, because I thought I’d pick up a cheaper one to see if I get into it. I bought the shade Wild Berry, which is a matt shade, and only £1.
I absolutely love Rimmel Lipsticks, and so when Kate released a new range of lipsticks, I just had to pick one up, so my first shade I’ve bought it the shade Berry Nude, 48, it was £5.49, and I’m really exited to wear this shade, as any nude shades are my fav.
I got another product half price from Rimmel (it was buy one get one half price), so I picked up a Rimmel 60 Seconds Super Shine Nail Polish in the shade Lovey Dovey, as I am yet to try this range of nail polish, and this shade caught my eye. At full price this is only £2.99
I’ve been wanting a Sleek Blush for a long time, but my Boots don’t stock Sleek, so when I went into Superdrug, I couldn’t resist. So I picked up the shade Flamingo which caught my eye, because it’s just so gorgeous, and was only £4.49


I went on a bit of a nail splurge in various other shops, which wasn’t intentional, but just happened.
I had £1 left on a Topshop voucher, and this shade was in the sale for only £2, so I had to pick up this shade; 401, Moviestar. It is a really nice, shimmery, metallic purple, and it absolutely gorgeous, I can’t wait to wear it.
I picked up this Aquarium Collection Barry M Nail Polish, Mediterranean 441, because, well just look at it, it’s gorgeous. And it was in a sale in River Island (of all places) for only £2. Omg I am in love, like completely in love,
My last purchase was more of a fascination than anything, it was only £1.20, and it’s the Accessorise Nail Polish, Ombr Lilac, which, to be honest, I don’t know how to use, but I’m sure I will learn.
I do this a lot, I didn’t intend to buy any of this stuff, but I was in town waiting for my boyfriend, and it just sort of happened.. whoops…

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