Superdrug Haul


MUA Cream Blush, Scrummy – £2 I have one of the powder brushes from MUA which is absolutely stunning, considering it’s only £1, so I thought I’d try a cream blush. I am yet to try a cream blush, and don’t know if they’ll be entirely my thing, so I thought I’d try a cheaper one to start of with. Even though it’s only £2, MUA products are actually incredible.
MUA Trio Eyeshadow, Innocence – £2 These are baked eye shadows, and look absolutely beautiful. I went with the trio of more neutral shades, as these shades are the ones I use most often, and so I thought they’d be the most wearable.
MUA Lipstick, Tulip – £1 I have heard great things about these lipsticks, and I really wanted to try them, because if they really are as good as they say, then it will allow me to try colours (such as dark purples) that I would’ve probably not for a smaller cost. To start off with I tried a relatively ‘safe’ pinky colour, as I absolutely love wearing these shades and so I thought it would be a really nice shade to start off with
Collection Blush, Cheeky – £2.99 I don’t own many blushes, but this pink blush will be a great addition to my collection, and it is really buildable and blendable.
Collection Deluxe Lipstick, Prohibition 01 – £2.99 The packaging of these are not incredible, but they were less than £3 and their creamy formula felt really nice when I swatched it on the back of my hand, so I had to pick them up. This is a dark, almost berry toned, red, so although it’s quite a wintery colour, I still really wanted to pick it up.
Collection Deluxe Lipstick, Talullah 02 – £2.99 This is a far more summery colour, its a dark pink, nude colour, and it looks beautiful, so I picked up this shade as well, not more I can say really.
Rimmel Long Lasting Lipstick, Drop of Sherry 058 – £4.99 I’ve bought many of the Kate Moss range of lipsticks from this company and absolutely love them, to pieces. But, I don’t own any other ranges of lipsticks from this range, so I thought I’d pick one up. It’s a slightly shimmery, berry tone and looks absolutely stunning. I love this lipstick, and I absolutely love Rimmel lip products, I think they are my favourite as a whole.
Rimmel Apocalips, Atomic Rose 206 – £6.49 I am yet to own one of these, I know I’m very late on the whole band wagon. but, I picked one up now. This is a matte shade, and is a dark peachy pink, I was put off these at first because the way they apply on your lips is like a lip gloss, and I don’t really get on with lip glosses, I find my hair ends up getting stuck to them, and they drive me nuts. But this, on the lips, is more like a moisturising lip stick, and so I actually really like these, which surprised me.

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