Norfolk/Summer Holiday Haul


While I’m on holiday I really can’t help but shop, I never buy things here I need, just things I want, or things that really interest me. I went away with my boyfriend, who reads books ALL THE TIME, and it sorta rubs off on me when I’m with him, so there are a lot of books in this haul, but I thought you’d like to see what I’ve been reading/planning to read.
Butterfly Pencil Case/Purse – £3 This was in the reduced section of Paperchase, but I absolutely love it. Since leaving school I’ve never needed a pencil case because I just go to lectures with a pen and a highlighter, but I thought this would be great to carry them in. It’s really cute, and a perfect size to carry the few essentials I need on campus at University!
Sunglasses – £2 I already own 5 pairs of Sunglasses, but this year they’ve become a true love of mine, and according to the weather people, Summers from now on are just going to get hotter and sunnier.. so… I’m one of these people who buy lots of cheap glasses rather than one expensive pairs, I love wearing them as accessories, and find most the time I’m using them as a head band.. but I really like these glasses, they’re really stylish and I don’t have a pair like this.
Hair Accessories – £2 I have such long hair that I love to buy things to put in it. I love elastic headbands like this, because they’re so easy to wear, keep the hair out of my face while I’m doing stuff, but also make it look like I’ve made an effort with my hair, when literally all I’ve done is washed and brushed it!

Jumpsuit – £19.54 (£22.99) OMG! This jumpsuit, there was a dress in the same pattern that I loved as well, but I couldn’t afford both. Below is a picture from the website, but I absolutely love this! It’s so stylish and fits like a dream, and I am literally obsessed.


Kimono – £14.40 I love this, it’s made out of a sorta silky material, and it really light weight, and bright, and so summery. I love Kimonos, they can really add an element of style to any outfit and make great cover ups to protect my shoulders against the sun, because I burn really, really easily, because I’m as pale as a sheet of paper.
Filthy Gorgeous London Magnetic Nail Polish – £3 I bought this because it was in the sale, and so was really, really cheap. But mainly, because it looks fascinating, it’s a sort of metallic red, which you apply like a normal Nail Polish, and then use the magnet in the lid to give it an interesting effect. I don’t entirely know what’s going on, but  I will write a blog post when I get an idea of what you actually do, because this looks so different.
Game of Thrones Books – 3 books for £24.97 I’m already reading the second book, and I’ve been watching the TV Series, and I am in love! So I bought three more books so that I can keep reading.
Diary of a Shopaholic (Book) – £3.99 (£.7.99) I’m sure I read this like 5 years ago, but I couldn’t actually remember when I was in the store, and so I decided I had to pick it up, I absolutely love the author, I think her writing is hilarious, and the film is also great fun. This is just one of those light weight books I love to read for a bit of fun
Light (Book) – £7.99 I read this series while I was in school, but the last book wasn’t out. When I was in this store, I saw it in the Teen Section, and it suddenly all came flooding back. This series is really good. The idea is that there is this area in the States, which they fall the Fayz, where all the adults disappear, and only the kids under a certain age are left. The books are all about how they deal with it, and the heirachy that forms, there are some great twists and turns which I won’t tell you, because I don’t want to ruin anything. But it’s a really easy read, but with a great plot line, and I know I’m now an adult, but I really wanna know what happens..

One Republic, Girls Aloud, Pharrell Williams – 3 for £10 I love music, I’m a University Music Student, so this really shouldn’t be any surprise. But I love to buy CDs, I have a slight problem. I have 100s of CDs that take over my room… but.. yeah. So I added 3 more to my collection while I was in this shop in Norwich, because they were 3 for £10… so…

I know these aren’t all beauty items, which is the main theme of this blog, but I like to share other things with you, and I really loved this holiday, and really love shopping… 🙂

Hope you enjoyed seeing what I bought while I was away (obviously I bought food…but didn’t think you’d really wanna know about milk, bread and chocolate…)

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