Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara Review


I have found some great mascaras in the drugstore, however, for me, this mascara was definitely not my thing. This is in the colour brown, which is unusual for me, but I picked it up super cheap from Boots, and so it doesn’t bother me that is isn’t my kind of product.
One good thing of this product is, yes, it stays put, all day. It’s wearability is amazing, and even when I got hot during the day it didn’t run or anything, I had no marks under my eye. However, I found that it wouldn’t even budge when I wanted to remove it, it stays put so well that it just wont come off! I used so much make up remover and cotton pads getting rid of it, and by the time it was gone, my eyes were really sore.
I found that this mascara was really hard to apply, the formula was really thick and sticky, and the brush was just coated in this thick, brown, stuff. So I found it really hard to separate my lashes. This all meant that my lashes, although volumised, were really clumpy. It also looks really dry on my eye lashes…
Some people probably love this mascara, and I actually love Bourjois, but this mascara really isn’t for me, I really disliked it, and won’t be reaching for this mascara, probably ever.

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