My Holiday Beauty (Non-MakeUp) Bag

In terms of hair care, I have an awful lot of it, so I really want to take most the products I use at home on a daily basis so that it stays as healthy as it can while I’m out in the sun and jumping in and out the sea or the pool.
Batiste is a must! Everyone alive owns Batiste, it can rescue you’re hair when you either can’t be bothered or don’t have time to wash your hair. I absolutely love the Cherry scent, I think it smells deliscious! I can’t recommend this product enough and have never found a dry shampoo that works and smells as nice as the Batiste range.
I have my Umberto Giovanni Leave-In Conditioner, because it really helps control frizz. I spray a generous dosage of this in my hair before I blow dry and it helps control everything, and leaves my hair feeling so smooth and.. not frizzy.. sorry don’t really know another way of saying that. It also smells really nice, though I really don’t know how to describe the scent, it’s just sorta sweet…
I’ve been using Herbel Essences since as long as I can remember, I love to mix and match with scents, and I find they leave your hair feeling really clean and soft. This time it’s the Rose Hip scent, and, let me tell you, like normal, it smells divine. And these bottles, although still not completely travel size, they still… look… smaller than the other bottles… so…
I have another Umberto Giovanni product, this isn’t one that I use every day, but it creates my go-to look for summer. It’s their salt spray, and I learnt about this time of hair product from Zoella when she did her hair tutorials, before this when I saw salt spray on the shelf all I could think what ‘whaaaaatttt?!?!’… so this is a new discovery for me. But, it creates a lovely textured look, it can make your silky, smooth, just washed hair look like it has a more tousled look and for the beach this look is ideal, and I absolutely love it! If you have long, relatively straight hair, I really think you should try this type of product, because it’s never something I would’ve tried but it really helps make you hairdo.
Finally, I have the Loreal Solare Sublime Spray, I bought this from my hair dresser a while ago, so I’m presuming you can still purchase this. It’s just a spray that helps protect your hair against strong sunlight. Which, in England we don’t usually have, but next week we’re meant to have 30Deg+ (which is absolutely crazy!), so I packed it, because my skin and eyes are really sensitive to the sun, so I want to protect my hair too.



This is my list of Beauty items, and yes I know there are a lot of them, but I have dry skin that burns, really easy, it’s not particularly sensitive to products, as I have never had an issue from anything I’ve used (except certain washing powders), but my skin just needs a lot of looking after unless I want it to be all dry and sore.
No.7 Soft and Soothed Cleansing Water – I know I have trouble with this, but it’s currently the only one I have, and it does work, just takes a while to take make up off, and I’m one of those people, who just has to use something up if I’ve paid for it (unless it’s really terrible). And you never know, I may fall in love with it yet.
Colgate Toothpaste – boring I know, but needed.
Collection Nail Polish Remover – when I’m not at work, I love to paint my nails as much as possible, and I’m taking a couple of different ‘summery’ colours with me, and so I want to use them. This nail varnish remover, works, yeah, nothing overly special, but it takes off your nail varnish.. so..
Natural Tone Aloe Vera Moisturiser – my mum and I bought this while we were in Lanzerote, and I’ve tried to buy it here and can’t find it anywhere, so I’m sorry, but it is something I use sparingly, but absolutely love. It’s one of those products that claim to turn redness (sunburn) into a tan, and it’s one of the only products I’ve found that works! I actually tan with this! Which is like an OMG moment. It applies like a moisturiser, and does the job I want it to, so if any of you ever find it this, it was quite expensive (somewhere round £25 – it was a while ago) then definitely pick this up, though they may have changed the packaging by now.
Banana Boat Aloe Vera Gel – we have like 3 pots of this at home, not sure why, but it’s great, if you put it in the fridge it gives you instant relief from sunburn.
Bomb Cosmetics Cleansing Shower Butter – I’d never used a product like this before, but now I have, I will never not use one. This scent it a bit unusual. It’s mint chocolate, but it sorta grows on you. And it works wonders, my legs especially feel really smooth and soft after using this. It contains grains of
something in it which helps remove any dead skin and then it has a sorta body butter consistency in it
which leaves your skin feeling super soft.
Satin Care Shaving Foam – again, boring, but needed.
Nivea Double Effect Antiperspirant – Ditto, I quite like Nivea antiperspirant as they help protect and repair your underarms, and since using this product I have actually noticed a difference, and am now a lot less embarrassed to show my underarms off to people.
So…? Kiss Me Deodorant
Nivea Hand Cream and Day Cream – my skin dries like crazy, and these are just some affordable, but effective moisturisers. They have no real scent, but they work, and I have no complaints.
Clean and Clear Deep Cleanse and Dual Action – I very rarely get spots much anymore (now I say that though, I’m going to have a crazy break out…), but when you wash your face with this you can actually feel it doing something. Your face feels slightly tingly afterwards, which it says on the bottle you should feel, and it’s just another simple, affordable product which I think works. Although I’m really tempted to try some more higher-end face washes to see if there’s a huge difference between the ‘cheaper range’.
Kath Kidston Shower Gel – I don’t even know where this came from, but I can’t complain, it’s a small travel bottle, and so ideal. I’ve never used it, but it smells lovely, so…
Dove Tinted Moisturiser – I’m not one of those people who’s all about fake tan, I’ve had some bad experiences in the past of going orange, or too dark, so this is a nice in between. It gives you a slight glow, without actually doing anything, and just helps to leave my legs less sheet-white.
Another thing, that for some reason isn’t on here is a Treacle Moon The Rasberry Kiss body butter. It smells of rasberries, and so is the perfect summery scent, and I love to use these for a deeper moisturising.

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