What’s In My Bag? June/July 2015





I love watching these videos on YouTube. as I find it fascinating to see what people carry round with them, but I’m never really sure why, I guess I’m just a really nosey person. So, here’s what I found in my bag. This is a standard set up for my bag, and is what I carry round everywhere, every day.
My bag is just from F&F (the clothing range at TESCOs), I know, really boring, but it’s a perfect nude colour and for summer, and I love that it comes with two different straps so it’s ideal. It’s also huge, so I can fit so much junk in there…
I have my two apple products; my iPhone 5 and my iPod classic. I love them both so much, I bought them both second hand (because there is no way I could afford brand new ones!), but they are still in great condition and I don’t think I could cope without them any more (sounds terrible, I know). I’m so sad they’ve discontinued the iPod classic, because they are amazing, I’m a music student at university and my music collection is… ridiculous, and this is the only thing I’ve found that’ll hold it all!
Then I have my purse, it’s just from Primark, but I love the colour, and it just holds all the things I need it to, and it’s just one of those things everyone has with them. I also carry another basic, tissues, because, yeah, you sometimes need to blow your nose.
In terms of beauty/make-up items, I don’t really take a lot with me, just the essentials I need because I find my make up stays in place, so I don’t really need to carry them around with me. I have a deodorant, it’s just one from so..? and it’s a perfect travel size and I just spray a bit when I think I need a top up. I carry hand cream because I have horribly dry skin and when I’m out I always look down at my hand and think ‘eurgh’… for the same reason I carry a simple Nivea lipbalm, I absolutely love applying these as they make your lips and hands feel super soft and moisturised. I carry whatever lipstick I’m wearing that day, which, for the last time I used this bag, is a favourite of mine, which you’ve already seen 1000 times, and it’s my Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in the shade 32. I love to top this up, all the time, so this is an essential to take around with me. I also take my Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder and a powder brush from boots to keep my face looking matt, and this is ideal because it comes with a great sized mirror ideal for travel.
I always carry a tea bag round with me, these are from Waitrose and I can’t remember when I got them, but I drink tea, all the time, and it saves you money to just ask for a cup of hot water and bring your own tea bag (they often only charge you like 20p for this rather than £1.99). I know this is such a cheapskate thing to do, but paying for cups of tea when I go out annoys me soo much, because you’re paying £2 for some water and a tea bag! The other food/drink item in my bag.. is an empty chocolate wrapper, I’m obsessed with white chocolate, and obviously when I was last out I got the munchies.
I carry around a few hair things; hairbrush, a clip, and some hair bands, because my hair is really long and sometimes I just want to get my hair out of my face, and so these are ideal. And then I just carry some essential pills; pain killers and hayfever tablets, because I always find I need them when I’m out, not necessarily for me, but they’re handy to have with you.
I have my remote for my camera.. which isn’t in my bag, but that’s because it is HUGE, and I have to have it around my neck otherwise my bag is really heavy.
Finally, I have my essential item, my little book. Currently it is just this pink one that I picked up from ‘the Range’ (a shop that sells homey things), and my pen (yes, it’s covered in music notes and I’m a music student, bit cheesy I know) because I’m really forgetful, so I have it write down everything in lists in my book. So I carry it around with me everywhere.
So, I hope you enjoyed seeing what I carry round with me on an every day basis!

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