Maybelline Colour Tattoo Review


These products are amazing, they come in small glass jars with a plastic lid, and although the packaging seems like there wont be a lot of product, there is more than enough to last you a long long time.
The great thing about them, is because they are so creamy they are so easy to apply and you can use either your finger or a synthetic brush with the same amount of success. I’ve found you dont need to use a primer with this product, because they last all day, untill you wash them off in the evening.
They are really flexible as you can use them as a base, on their own, or if you use the right brush, you can even use them as a coloured eyeliner. And once they set, they do not smear or move even during the hot, summer days.
Although I don’t, I know people who use the colour ‘Taupe’ (as well as a few other matt brown shades) to fill their brows in.
For whatever you want these Eye Shadows to do, I would highly recommend them as I have never has any trouble with them and their pigmentation, colour stay and flexibility makes them a great addition to my make-up collection.

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